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Kea Specification

He Jian,

$Id: specification.sgml,v 1.7 2001/02/23 17:42:26 k3ys Exp $

Kea is an object-oriented framework that allows developers to quickly build business applications.


There are three categories of objects: business objects, technology objects and application objects. Business objects are objects that represent a person, place, thing or concept in the business domain. Technology objects represent a programming or technology concept, and thus are the building blocks of applications and implemented business objects. Application objects are programs which present information and manage interaction with human users, process information, and produce reports. An object lives in one and only one category. Different issues must be addressed in identifying and developing objects in each category. Thus, a different development process must be in place for each category.

Kea contains three package to implementing each of the three categories of objects:

Kea Framework Architecture:

For more details about Kea architecture, please refer to big fiture.

Kea Business Framework is a socket into which business objects can be designed and implemented.

Kea Application Framework is a framework of classes that facilitate programming user-interface-level applications based on Business Framework.

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